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The Menapia Quest Reviews

“An astonishing achievement…of sound scholarship…speculative and antiquarian.”

Dr Alfred Smyth Chair of Medieval History University of Kent, Canterbury Author of Celtic Leinster

“(In) this well researched work…of considerable interest…by taking one Celtic tribe, the author has found an angle from which the history of Celtic Europe, and in particular Celtic Ireland can very usefully be viewed…I salute the diligent research.”

Professor Liam de Paor late of Dept of Irish History Boston College, Boston, Mass.

“With (its) painstaking detective work,…(Mongan’s) book…. coincides with a renowned interest in Celtic culture across Europe : London’s British Museum recently opened a permanent display of Iron Age artifacts, while new exhibitions in Belgium explore the country’s Celtic heritage.”

Ian Ramsey Passport Sabena, Belgian airlines in-flight magazine

“I sincerely recommend this book to anybody interested in our past and people….for the deep amount of research it contains.”

Dr Hugh Weir Clare Champion

“The author…has taken sources…provided them with credibility,building up a work which could well be an exemplar for further studies of the histories of Celtic tribes of Europe. Most commendably of all, for such a difficult subject, is the readability of this book.”

Family History Magazine Canterbury, Kent, UK

“Two thousand years of the Menapii: seafaring Gauls in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man. 216 B.C. – 1990 A.D.” …. Read the full online interview here.

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